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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fighting Terrorism – The Indian Way

Fighting Terrorism – The Indian Way

Let’s face it. Terrorism the world over and in India is different. So solutions forwarded by both groups – the - i Spirited group who hail the spirit of living on and carrying on with life in full gusto in the face of terrorist attacks – thereby foiling the very outcome the terrorist wanted to achieve and the - ii Angry group who vent their anger and want to counter terrorism the Israel route – An eye for an eye, will never ever succeed in India. Both parties miss out on empirical fundamental roots of terrorism. The Spirited groups are hazier and their logic is purely based on an assumption. I can’t understand what makes them think that nonchalant attitude to dastardly acts would finally tire the terrorist and failure to reach his goal will shoo him away. It could well be the reverse. It could just give the message to them that 7 train blasts was not enough, and that next time it ought to be 35 train blasts – mind you not few coaches but if possible all the coaches. I am sure that magnitude will only leave the spirited people with just one emotion – Stark Terror. The spirited people will only remain in good spirits till they don’t loose a dear one in one such blast. Unfortunately, human life in India is dirt cheap – rather cheaper – Thanks to our population. In a nutshell the spirited group comprises of people who are ensconced in their secure shell, and when that is the case, then giving gyan comes easy. On the other hand are our friends – Angry group, who want to lash out – but whom do you lash out on? Israel does it everyday – mind you everyday. What you give is what you get or to be more scientifically correct – every action has equal and opposite reaction. So that too leaves us nowhere. And then Israel is a different story – It’s a story of the Jews united against the Islamic neighbors. And my dear – that’s the problem – India has always been a country divided. History stands witness as to how we passed into gloom from glory and from freedom to slavery owing to our inability to stand united. And like it or not we don’t have a choice. We have stayed that way and we shall. Terrorism in India cant be countered easily. Sorry my Muslim friends – but you will have to accept, the whole culture of terrorism, the world over is – By the muslims, Of the muslims and supposedly For the muslims. Whatever the reasons forwarded by Islamic intellectuals as to why this Islamic terror situation arose – the America factor etc, the truth is terrorists world over are mainly muslims. The very basis of Islam has been Either Musalmaan or Momin. Till such time Islam will divide the world into two halves on the basis of religion, terrorism will never stop. An America, which is a Christian state, can stand united against Islamic terror. An Israel of Jews can, but what happens to an India? We have fallen in the worst trap previously – the trap of communal riots. And riots only help the wounds never to heal and actually go on to produce homegrown fanatic Islamic terrorists. Now at this point the Spirited group generally tries to jump in and try to make their point. But how naive they are – what makes them think that a young lad who lost his father in the blast the other day will just forget everything and shall continue with life in a normal way. Why shouldn’t he question – why his father had to die – who were responsible? The boy who has lost his father wants immediate retribution. His anger at his father’s untimely death – mind you Untimely Death is a word frequently used by all of us, but few have stopped a moment to ponder on the import of the word – Untimely. It’s not a mere lip service word. It’s a whole lot of very strong emotion. So what generally is the thought process of such a boy – he has a faceless enemy, but around him he has people who share a similar religious faith with the killer of his father. In his anger, he forgets reason, and his frustrated rage vents on the muslims in his neighborhood. For him – it was a muslim who killed his innocent father for no reason, so anybody who shares any kind of similarity – is his enemy. Its cruel, its unjustified, but its very real. Terrorism in India is a very complex issue and can’t be solved by indifference or by violent mob fury. I think the India fight has to be dealt with strong policing, harsh legal punishment – POTA & TADA (remember most terrorists also love their lives) and by the people. But here the people explanation is a little complex – Here the Hindus will have to maintain vigil and ensure peace, and the Muslims have the crucial and larger role. Sorry to state it – but the terrorists are able to carry on, for they have tacit support from muslims in India. I know many of my muslim friends will hate me and shout at the top of their voice that, it’s not the whole community, but few. But ultimately those few too live within the four walls of the muslim society. How could you not know about people among your group with nefarious movements? Islam in particular which has a religious bonding over and above all religions, where the poor and rich become one while praying, where there are no caste system like the Hindus, and the very known fact that muslims tend to stay clustered more among their own community, and even if in the modern times, nuclear families stay in all scattered localities, yet the pull and bonding of this faith is very strong that all have strong deep roots- To then say that we were not aware of x being involved in terrorist activities holds no water. Yes, in India – the muslims will have to unite against forces, which in the name of the almighty Allah are killing innocent people; only then can we win the fight against terrorism. The Indian Muslim has to show these demonic forces that they are, as the word goes – First and foremost Indians and only then Muslims. Till such time that the feeling is of - Muslims living in India – the forces of terror will keep on penetrating and will succeed. So it lies in the hands of our Muslim brethren to root out terrorism from India. Don’t let the Hindu fanatics get frustrated, loose their patience and then the inevitable Hindu fanaticism anger will only result in another revisit of the 1947 riots. So, my brothers in the name of Allah, lets begin this war of peace.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger Vinayak said...


Thanks for that tought provoking article

Your post made me think of the law and order situation in India

What is the use in beating around the hindu muslim / India Pakistant etc etc issue ? Haven't we split enough ink over the last 20 or so years since Ram Janmabhoomi or should I say over the last 60 years since partition ?

AT LEAST NOW !, don't we need action ? don't we try and remove the ROOT CAUSE ??

Isn't all this mayhem and bomb blast a law and order issue ?

aren't there millions of Muslims and millions of non Muslims living in Canada, France .. Germany , Australia ... around the world. These places do NOT degenerate into the sort of Mumbai blast or mayhem we seen in our country ??

why ?

To me this looks like a pure law and order problem and out inability to control the thugs - especially in India

Thuggery has become the order of the day - be it in politics, be it in encroachment, be it in education....., even parts of the media and cine are being taken over by Thugs

Thuggery has to be tamed. Law and order restored. Time isn't far away when people will want a DICTATOR to come and rule us with an iron hand

Democracy is for those who can respect it and use it well. It's like a delicate rose plant. You tend it and protect it, it will give you beauty and fragrance. However looking at some of the jokers in our country's politics and govt. machinery (including the corrupt police), I guess we are NOT eligible for a democracy....

If one KPS gill can tame the punjab terrorists, we just need a few more such stern officers

more at
Terrorists as vote banks



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