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Monday, May 29, 2006

Statistics from annonymous, why govt has no solution. Thanx annonymous. MUST READ

Dear All,

An eye opener left by an annonymous friend for the cause of reservation. Opens another angle to the whole issue. DO READ. the only answer is EDUCATION DRAFTING

let us try to address this from a different point of view.

The problem:
OBCs are not able to compete with the General category in institutes of Higher Educations.

Solution given by the Govt:
To tackle this problem, the Govt has though of increasing the reserved quota for OBCs by 27%.

This led to protests all over india. Finally Govt decides Rs 8,000 crore extra has to be spent by the Govt to maintain the current quota distribution as well as increase the OBC quota so that the general category seats do no shrink.

Lets find out how effective will this be.
1. Does the Govt has enough funds to handle this whooping Rs 8,000 crores ?
If Govt has so much money (Rs 8,000 crore) to maintain the quota distribution, then why don't they spend this amount to set up good institutions for the economically backward OBCs. I suppose the upper caste OBCs are much well placed and economically quite sufficient to take care of themselves and already they are into good institutions through the current quota reservations. Secondly if these institutes are performing good then companies will throng to these institutes for recruitment because industry recruitment is based on merit and not on caste (though some are trying to impose such things).

2. The OBC students might get through into these institutions of Higher education through their quotas but will they ever pass out of these institutions if their basics, learnt in junior school, are not clear?
Hence the main problem to be addressed is not at the Higher level education but their basic primary and secondary education which has to be brought up to the standard of any city based school. I am confident that then they will be able to compete with the general category of students on a much more healthy platform and not based on caste or category.

3. We are not against OBCs or their betterment. We are against the division of society on the basis of quota. We want a better india, a global india and a better healthy environment for our future generation to grow up.

Whereas in other countries there is no concept of castes or categories such as SC/ST/OBC it is in India that such problems will continue to be a nightmare for not just the General Category of students but in future for the SC/ST/OBC categories as well, if these students are not trained properly and then they are left on the global platform to fend for themselves.


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