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Friday, May 26, 2006

Dear P.M, we citizens have a request. Appear on Television and explain to all Indians why RESERVATION should be implemented. Please be kind to accept

Dear Sir,

We the citizens of this country believe in you; and believe me; probably for the first time ever, your appointment as the prime minister following that of another doyen Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, really made the masses of this country feel that India was now moving towards becoming a true democracy after 50 yrs and that India was truly on the way to shining.

But Sir, the last 15 days have been a topsy-turvy period for you and the millions of this country. We have seen the pressures that are at work. External ones when it comes to Kashmir, the internal ones expected of the kinds of Narendra Modi, who have mastered the art of delivering inciting rhetoric and arouse the thousands of idiots walking the streets, who see burning of fanaa posters and shouting at the top of their voices as their wild card entry into the BJP party. But then what can you do with the likes of Narendra Modi’s who can deliver nonstop nonsense 24 x 7, 365 days.

But, all these are passé. All this become minute as compared to the one profound statement that you have delivered. – That the reservation issue is settled? ? ? ? ?
Mr. Prime Minister, that is not a statement one expects from Manmohan Singh. That statement is for the likes of D.P Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav, but not YOU SIR .
And neither can Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam hide behind such one sentence wonders.
Tell us Sir, how would you feel if you were refused a seat because you wear a fancy headgear ? or the other way around – That we offer you admission not because you are good or academically qualified but because you belong to that poor group of fancy headgear tribe. Tell us Sir, what would you feel ??? Both situations are same. As Martin Luther King often would tell the whites, do not hate us. Also do not be overly nice to us. When you are being too sweet you are pitying me. Both are as bad. Sir, Are we then by saying yes to reservation doing the right thing??

And Sir, if reservation was the answer, don’t you think 50 yrs back another very learned man, a man as competent as you academically, but having an edge over you and all of us, since he was a scheduled caste himself, and who went by the name of Bhimrao Babasaheb Ambedkar, would have asked for RESERVATION??? ????

Sir, we all, you and me have lived through 1992, mandal commission days. Sir, do you recall a young boy who went by the name of Goswami. You too must have seen the photograph of that young man going up in flames??? Its not a picture one forgets so easily. Do we want to add such new pictures??? Do we want to see more bullet ridden dead bodies of young men in their 20’s? And why were they shot??? Because they had dreams??? And because they stood up when they saw that dream being crushed by a policy called RESERVATION??? Do we never learn our lessons Mr. Prime Minister? ? It seems Bob Dylan wasted it all years back when he wrote for us - HOW MANY TIMES ,,, THE ANSWER MY FRIEND;;;; IS BLOWING IN THE WIND.
AND SIR, has your statement not reduced to a power and ego struggle. Your statement reeks only of power. How can a group of doctors defy the powers that be? Is that it Sir???
Sir, You are the most powerful man in India today, but Sir, that power flows from us – the millions of citizens of this country. And let me add – The reservation issue is no more limited to medical students or even to doctors, now it involves the masses of India. WHAT YOU HAVE IN THE MAKING IS A NATIONAL ANTI RESERVATION REVOLUTION, IN GOVT OFFICIALESE – A MUTINY. Soon in days to come this will be joined by a whole new generation. By the millions who have just got their 12th std results, since your mis step will actually impact their lives more then anyone else’s. Yes, you will soon be writing history, but not exactly the history you would want to be a part of. Or would Sir, want to be known as the BUTCHER OF MODERN INDIA? ? ?

LASTLY, Sir, We poor souls have a suggestion. If your idea is to bring all levels of society together then commit yourself to EDUCATION. Make education MANDATORY – bring in EDUCATION DRAFTING in this country. Education not in govt schools which are more sources of money making for state govts. But in A + grade schools. Make this happen Sir, give it a decade. You would then surely be the man who kept his promise and purpose to destiny. You would see India shining. Yes, reservation won’t solve anything. It will only foster contempt and increase hatred. Sir, give each child in this country the equal platform of a good education till higher secondary and you will SEE THE DIFFERENCE.



CITIZENS OF INDIA UNITED - please add all questions that you want PM to answer.


At 7:04 AM, Blogger Maharashtra Medicos said...

Good work..keep it up.

At 8:47 PM, Blogger Sandy said...

Ours is a democratic country.
And the PM and the party being so irresponsible ?
Pm: categorically stated yesterday that.. The isue of reservations is settled.? how is it possible.. Not talking to the youth .. not talking to the genre of people.. how is it possible.

Anyways.. today's meet must not be only in talks..
people.. take fromhim.. some concrete proof.. ask him to modify the bill accordingly..

One basic question:

In so many years.. Y didnt government woke up and did any effort to help the students of General category by increasing seats or givin out more central univ.. but suddenly now government wakes up and gives 27% reservations.. for OBCs and then.. increases the seats .. to undo the effect..? how humurous..


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