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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Sorry your excellency to disturb you in the midst of the august gathering of lalu's bithday-- , sorry marriagwa party of his daughter no - x. But Mr. Singh your polite condemning is not helping anyone. Your lip service fools nobody anymore. Be a man enough, come to the media platform and answer us - answer the millions of Indians - why this killing and what have you done. To refresh you its not the first time - AND WITH YOUR GOVT SECURITY WORKING, LOOKS NOT THE LAST TIME EITHER. Last time you had prior intelligence as back as in may, but you failed. tv channels had all the info, but you sat on it. who all were kicked out from the security agencies handling the situation then ? If you do have any shame then lets see you conduct a open press conference and tell us what have you done and what will you do to stop more Suryanarayan's happening here and now AND PLEASE SPARE THE 5 LAKH GRANT, FULL MILITARY HONOURS, JOB FOR KITH AND KIN, AND THE FOLLOWING OFFICIALS HAVE BEEN SENT ON LONG LEAVE. STOP THAT OLD BAND BAJA OF GOI. ITS NOW MORE THEN 50 YRS. LETS SEE IF YOU ARE THE MAN MILLIONS OF INDIANS THINK YOU TO BE


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