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This platform would collectively strive to maintain - life has all shades of grey, but not BLACK. It will be a platform wherein any wrong happening; taking place in any corner of the world is highlighted and brought to notice. Furthermore, this will be the pulpit for us to share, discuss and come up with solutions, within the bounds of civil society. So may I welcome you all to 'OUR BLOG 'http://www.intentblog.com/images2/myintentblog.png

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Dear All,

To continue part ii of end of Jessica case on 6th march. Yes; friends the case will be shut. Now how will it shut ? Pick up any newspaper, switch on any news channel. Spend the next half an hour and go through the ritual of reading each and every news or see the tv news from begining to end.At the end of the session, you would become an expert in foreign relations, specially on America. You would probably also end up knowing more traits Of Bush; then even he knows about himself. Now close your eyes, and visualize the thoughts that emerge in your mind as a consequence of the last half an hour. I did it; and all i could see was Bush in India. I had followed him to Rajghat, was having lunch at taj palace, went along with bush to meet Sonia Gandhi, and yes i got pushed around by the left front anti Bush rallyists'. I am sure you would experience the same, we all will, as public memory is very fickle and public outrage a hollow bark. Public outrage is a media hyped stimulus controlled by the media, and its nothing more then a temporary trance to vanish in a matter of a few days. Yes, Thats US - the public. And this aspect fools none, except for our ownselves.The outcry begins with a rumble, which clones an approaching earhquake. It makes one feel that the quake will destroy one and all that comes its way. But once the stipulated stimulus is replaced by a new one, all the outrage and the hue and cry silences off with a whimper. YES friends, just a week back the Jessica case was all over the country, but today no channel or newspaper carried any of that news. Not a singe report as to after Surinder Sharma was transferred and the higher officials played the blame game, all is quiet on the Jessica front. For about two days media was chasing and trying to locate the Sharma's. But post 48hrs, they gave up. For now they were to be on the Bush trail. THATS ABOUT HOW STRONG PUBLIC OUTRAGE IS AND HOW LONG IT LASTS. AND THE SHARMAS' AND YADAVS' OF THE WORLD KNOW THAT. THEY KNOW THAT THE COURT WILL HAVE TO DECIDE ON THE BASIS OF EVIDENCES, WHICH THEY ALONG WITH THE POLICE HAVE ALREADY FUDGED.IF ONLY A COUNTRYWIDE PUBLIC OUTRAGE SHALL CONTINUE WHEN DELHI POLICE HAS TO PRESENT THEIR CASE - 19TH MARCH, THEN AND THEN ONLY MAYBE THE COURTS TAKE COGNIZANCE AND THE POLICE UNDER PRESSURE DECIDE TO DO A TURNAROUND AND CRAFTILY MAY COME UP WITH EVIDENCES THAT THEY COMPLETELY MISSED 7 YRS BACK. AND FOR ALL ONE KNOWS, A CONSISTENT OUTRAGE OVER A PERIOD OF TIME, MAY JUST ABOUT CHANGE HEART OF SHYAN MUNSHI. HE MAY FINALLY DECIDE TO BE MAN ENOUGH WHERE IT MATTERS AND NOT JUST AMONG A SMATTERING GROUP OF GLORIFIED TAILORS WHO ARE BOUND IN THE SINGLE THREAD OF HOMOSEXUALITY. - - BUT NONE OF THIS WILL HAPPEN. AND THE REASON IS - US. YES FRIENDS WE TOO ARE NO BETTER THAN SHYAN MUNSHI. WE TOO ARE FICKLE AND SO ARE OUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. INFACT THOUGHTS IS A BETTER WORD, FOR WE NEVER ACTUALLY FELT IT. IF FEELINGS WERE THERE, WE WOULD BE ON.DEAR FRIEND, PLEASE GIVE IT A THOUGHT. AND LETS TAKE THE OATH TO SUSTAIN TILL JESSICAS' MURDER AND HER LIFE WERE LOST NOT IN VAIN. THAT JUSTICE IS ALIVE, WILL ONLY HAPPEN WHEN WE ARE ALIVE. WELCOME YOUR THOUGHTS. AND WELCOME YOUR STRATEGY AS TO HOW WE SHOULD PROCEED TO REACH OUR GOAL. RGS.