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Monday, February 27, 2006


Dear All,

I dont know how many times and in what all ways should i thank you all. Without your support, this would have remained just another page scribbled by some unknown india in the huge internet world. So its thanks to each and every person who visited and are visiting the blog. But would want to use this paltform to THANK IN PARTICULAR a media person who we would say its the first person who fired the bullet of justice denied to jessica. On day one, all media except for one particular print paper, just carried the acquital outcome as a mere court reportage. It was a bland 5 line talking about the acquital of x y and z, and that the case was of killing of a model jessica in 1999. i read the news it way it was meant to be, till i picked up this newspaper, which on the very first day carried 3 stories on this famous case. it is this lady journalist who had sharply refreshed our memory and presented the details as it had happened 7 years back. That sharp and incisive piece, is what jolted us, that here; was this incident where, justice was being denied, and here we were going on with our regular work schedule. had we lost it all? had we become such cowards, that we accept such heinous things to happen ? ? Yes that news was responsible for stirring the emotions of many of us and probably if she had not written it in the way she did, probably all forms of petetions happening across the country would not have ever been so. So with all our heart we thank " her" and her bold newspaper which allows true democratic analysis of the news, and just doesnt end in mere reportage.



At 7:12 PM, Blogger Shanya Alam said...

Hi.. I think this is a commendable effort and an even commendable response to this is evident on the streets today.
I stand for justice and right and I think this case needs more than just a glance from the people who call themselves the protectors of law and order in this country. It will be a matter of shame and remorse if we let the guilty go Scot free.
I am a daughter of a renowned advocate and am a freelance journalist myself.. and I although believe in the power of the media, I also know this judicial system and its crazy ways of avoiding the truth.. it's a wish and a prayer that this effort gets paid off and all those who're responsible for Jessica's tragic end are brought to book.
ALL THE BEST.. to this generation.. who's set out to rebel against this system that sucks!

At 11:16 AM, Blogger voice.dreamsindia.com said...

I feel happier to say that for a good cause, at least this blog got a positive support from media.

My experience reflects some different story...

In the past few years, on many occassions, I had sent crucial issues to media including HINDUSTAN TIMES, TIMES OF INDIA, INDIATV, AAJTAK, emailed to PM Office and various other govt. offices too.

I sense that Media too is not honest and that it has political connections. I have no doubts in it.

I shall be publishing all the emails which I had sent to those people and I have in my old records.

One such message with the heading "India Railways curses its passengers a sucidal journey" which I had written on June 20th, 2003, the next day after I had kept a train halted at Nizamuddin Station for almost 2 hours over a serious issue.

Even this time, I had written many messages, but nobody paid any heed.

But I am sure, the revolution is about to gain momentum.

Check my articles at http://voice.dreamsindia.com

This time, a united India will raise a voice.

I am very happy to find a friendly blog.

Thanks to all

At 4:46 PM, Blogger God Bless said...

All I can say is - May God Bless her and give courage to all of us to act like her!


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