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Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday, 6th march - final hearing of jessica case

Dear All,

Are You surprised with the headline of this article / Yes, read it correct?? ? ? ? you should be . . So was i when i glanced upon this particular news. After the initial surprise, i was swept with this feel of utter satisfaction and joy, that we had achieved what we set out to do. it was a win win heady feel. I suddenly felt a rush for we ( all)had defeated the potent mix of money, mucle and a corrupt system. So without wasting another second i started reading the whole story. The story was proof of how, when standing united people can achieve the impossible. Here indeed was a casestudy. It was the same old story of the fight between good and evil, where with diligent pursuance, good does win. So here was the next generation of India. it surely felt good to be part of this new world order. As i read through and reached the last line of the column and in fine print was written - to be continued in tommoro's edition. Yes friends, the story is incomplete and i promise that the first thing tomorrow morning, would be to read the story and key it in, for all of us. So friends, i feel kind of nervous but expecting. Yes dear all, please await and see what haqppens next - - - -

So lets hold our breaths. ciao


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