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Monday, February 27, 2006

learnings' from Jessica case by a former chief justice

Dear all, the Jessica case has been on, for the last 7 yrs. The case threw up lots of interesting faces of the Indian judicial system. It has become a case study for all future generations of lawyers and judges. The jessica case will evershine in the annals of the Indian courthouses. This case in particular has thrown up 3 very academic observations. 1) No body henceforth will ever even try to question the professional capabilities of the much tarnished police force. The police have proved beyond doubt how they can go out and prove black as white and vice versa. 2) For all these years, the judiciary was seen as incompetent. An organization which lacked competent & corrupt judicials. What was more disturbing was the fact that though the judiciary worked in close proximity with the police forces, yet it had been unable to learn the ropes of corruption. But the judge of this case has shown that corruption is not the forte of the police only. That this new generation of judges and lawyers were at par with the police, if not better. 3) The most outstanding conclusion was that for all these years, the judiciary was seen with scepticism for its inability to distinguish people coming from different socio economic groups. it often faltered and use to give outcomes solely on the basis of what they called by the law. This had been a big irritant for many years as one didnt have any guarantee of the verdict outcome. But the Jessica case has successfully shown that the law today has come along way and that it is no more the myopic view of yesteryears but today - the law is different for different people.

So dear all, would like you to give more insights and thoughts on this case. please do comment


At 4:23 AM, Blogger Unite against injustice said...

The murder of Jessica Lal has again brought to light the lackadaisical attitude of the Police and the judicial system in India. However what is more disturbing is to know and accept that a girl has been murdered in front of 600 people and nobody has seen her die. It again highlights the hegemony of the people in power and their control of the judicial system and truth. It is a pity that the whole universe knows who has murdered Jessica Lal, yet we are not able to put the guilty behind the bars. If you see the present case, the conclusion after 7 years is that does judiciary does not know who has murdered Jessica lal.

Is it not shameful for our nation, for the police, for the judiciary and for all of us to act as blind and mute people who are powerless in front of such atrocity and evil? Our court requires proof for murder, but is this justice to let go criminals in absence of concrete evidence and when proof is removed by the police itself. How can a rape victim prove her case, when there are no witnesses? Just because there is no proof with rape victims, because the police is with the powerful and judges are not there at the time of crime, is it a reason to acquit the guilty. And how does a court expect to get an eyewitness if the government has given so much of power to the politicians that they can misuse it to threaten and buy the eyewitnesses and the police.

Through this judgment one thing has come out very clearly that victims and the family of the victim cannot get justice through court. The killing of a local gangster and rapist in U.P by the women in the court demonstrate that people have to fight for themselves to gain justice. Seeing the present political scenario, one has to seize justice and not wait for years to get it.

Although the present case might not affect many of us, yet as a citizen of India and as a human being we need to be sensitive to the plight of another human being. Are we waiting it to happen to us and our immediate families to react? And can we do it individually? Could Jessica’s family get justice by fighting alone? No my friends we need to unite ourselves to fight against injustice and corruption. There are many like Jessica and Satyendra Dubey (the engineer who was murdered in UP) who have lost their lives and wasted their efforts because we did not carry over their voice. As a citizen of India we all to some extent, directly or indirectly are affected by the corruption and nepotism around us, but we are still carrying over with our lives denying it. It is surprising to see how we can live our life so happily amidst such instances. The tolerance power of Indians and apathy towards ‘others’ is indeed appalling and to be pitied. Although India is thought to be a collectivist nation and U.S an example of individualistic society, it is totally the opposite in case of attitude towards crime.

I request all people, who felt that justice is not given to Jessica’s family to express their feelings and do whatever they can do at their front to convey the message to those in ‘power’ that we are not apathetic and inert to what is happening around us. Please come forward and do the needful at your end to make this country a better place to live.

At 4:41 AM, Blogger hemant said...

attachment to dear president ,who killed jessica lal.
dear all
i just happened to read this article by our annoymous friend. indeed it is very dis heartning to note that inspite of knowing the fact that who exactly killed jessica, the justice did not come. it is a flaw not only in our judicial system but somewhere we too should be held responsible for that. our legislature failed to frame any structure therby protecting the witness. it may be very easy for us to charge shyan munshi of perjury, we may also charge him of being un concer to the society where the criminals walk free but should not the rule of the law be blamed for that. if a key witness is threatened of dire consequences, or of impending troubles to the dear and close ones, may i ask, how many of us shall still be firm on our decision of speaking the truth.
i hence have complete sympathy towards shyan even though i want to make it clear that the wrong doers should be brought to justice.i can imagine the great tradegy that stucked upon the lal family upon the tragic end of their beloved daughter.this could have happened with any one so we should not take it as just another story that would be forgotten. jessica was killed and her assailants are not behind the bars. no matter what we acheive in terms of economic terms, untill and unless, our people are safe, being economic super power means nothing.
i appeal all my fellow countrymen to support this cause and hope for the justice be done to jessica and the lal family.

At 9:31 PM, Blogger Voice of Indian Youth said...

Dear anonymous revolutionary,

It's good to see that somebody else share the same views as I do. I would like to thank you for your effort. In today's world of business and money what every body is concerned about is nothing else but themselves. Good to see that there are few people who want to create a difference and are working on it. I am proud of you.

Onething I wanted to share with you, We all know that our efforts are small but will hamper the system indirectly. I would like to stretch my hand towards the lamp which needs to be lit, glowing with fire of freedom and justice. I would like to join hands and work with you. I am working for it, looking for like minded people. If you want to join me email me at voiceofindianyouth@hotmail.com and kindly visit my site/blog http://spaces.msn.com/voiceofindianyouth/ . Who am I? I am just a student, living away from India. Please email me and show me your interests. I would like to post your articles on my website. Waiting for your email .


At 9:33 PM, Blogger Voice of Indian Youth said...

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At 5:55 AM, Blogger Vinayak said...


That was an interesting post

I'm surprised that you haven' received more comments, more accolades so far

Keep such posts coming

Though I may NOT agree to all what your said, your blog brought back lots of old memories and thoughts about OUR COUNTRY, our society, friends and relatives

While we as world citizens think that Justice and equality are the most important cornertones of a civil society, does the ground reality reflect that ?

We feel that friendship, love, affection and above all our family is very important in shaping our lives and thoughts. To most of us, a mother, the epitome of love and sacrifice, plays and important role

But what happens when the same mother is denied justice in her own family ?

more at



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