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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dear All,

just wanted to humbly say - i thank you all. Yes, thanks for the support you all have extended. frankly, though wishing, did not think that it will be able to get so many comments. ideal would be something like 1 lakh + comments. Then when this letter goes to the president, i am sure, he would know the people's mandate. if i may request - in your comments, if you are ok with it, then add in your name and country and the city where u staying. if one is hesitant as to giving their name, that is understood and respected. So join in, and lets together try and create a better world, a world where violent deaths are not the norm. Where the innocent are not abused and where the GUILTY never go unpunished owing to their power and muscle. yes, where no man is above the law. We still have 48 hrs to go, after which this petition with comments by each one of us, will be handed to the President. So please urge your family and friends to extend their precious comments. AND THANX ONCE MORE


At 7:37 PM, Blogger Hiren said...

Considering the fact that there are only around 1300 indian blogs as per www.blogwise.com and many people were blogging for the first time in response to your blogs, it is not really a bad response. One has to see it from a realistic perspective.
On sunday night(26/2/2006), NDTV showed a tv programm on this case where many prominent people participated and expressed solidarity. I came to know of this blog from the times of India. It maynot be practical for them to publish all the comments but at least they should mention that so many people expressed their solidarity in response to the blog or something like that.

It will become a good precedent for the future. In a by and large corrupt country, only the media can come to the rescue of the common man

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Hiren said...

In "In a by and large corrupt country, only the media can come to the rescue of the common man " I forgot to add "by making things transparent"

At 4:16 AM, Blogger Rachna Biyani said...

Dear President,

Our nation was built on certain ideals. Free and fair judiciary was definitely one of them. Our country isn't inhabited just by the rich and the famous with political clout. We the common man are also equal citizens of this nation. Don't we have a right to justice? The rich cant and shouldnt be able to get away with any and everything! This rape of justice has happened over and over again. But sir, not any more, definitely not any more. Jessica was on her way in trying to realize her dreams. Someone came along and destroyed not just her life but also her family's. 7 yrs is a very long time, dont you think? And after such a major trial on the family's patience and perseverance, how can they be let off? I m not asking for death penalty, but life imprisonment will certainly be a lesson that Indian Judiciary is not be played with. Amen!

At 4:54 AM, Blogger voice.dreamsindia.com said...

Thanks a tonne to the blogger...
Thanks a tonne to the people of India, for posting their comments!

Webmaster DreamsIndia humbly requests all of you to review hundreds of questions raised at http://voice.dreamsindia.com

Please break your silence...
Please raise a voice!

Remember Mandal Commission?
Remember Rajiv Goswami?

The nation needs Mangal Pandeys, S.C. Bose, Bhagat Singhs and Lakshmi Bais...


1857 is coming!

At 5:21 AM, Blogger Ron said...

Dear Mr. President,

The Jessica Lal case and the unbelievable verdict at the end of it seems completely unreal, like a bad Hindi movie. Unfortunately this is the ground reality that most Indians are living with. There are 100s of cases like this where the rich and the powerful get away with anything, even murder, by virtue of their connections. If Manu Sharma is allowed to go scot free, what kind of a message would it send out to the country? Do what you want, if you have the right connections you will be safe from retribution? Is that really the India we want to live in?

The worst part is, even after all the hue and cry over this case, I am not sure if justice will be meted out. This case took 7 long years to conclude and conclude how! That scoundrel walks away scot free. Im not sure if the President and the Prime Minister and the so called leaders of this country are listening...I am not sure if they care. If the powers that be really cared about anything other than their own interests, there wouldnt be any need for blogs like this, there wouldnt be a need to sms JESSICA to NDTV , and Manu Sharma would have been behind bars for life.

However, one lives in hope, and I am commenting here with the hope that my pessimism about the country's leadership, and law and order is baseless. Please dont let me and others like me feel ashamed of being Indian.

At 5:22 AM, Blogger Decipher said...

Respected President,

Where are we heading,towards a corrupt and rotten system which doesnt even wink on such a cold-blooded murder of a young and aspiring model and let the main accused walk away.
If a common man is denied justice in such a way,then he has to take law in his own hands.How can we forget the fact that LAW is above all and not a single man with political clout or by display of wealth can shred our judiciary system??
Its time for us to raise our voices against such henious and inhumanly crimes.
Life imprisonment will certainly be
a lesson that our judiciary system is not to be played with.However death penalty will do a lot better.

At 5:28 AM, Blogger Dr.Ritesh Sood said...

Dear President,
Its really the shame on the name of Law and order where a murder was not proved a murder even when eyewitnessed by 90 people , due to lack of evidence , what more evidence is needed except the presenc eof 90 people.

I really ask in his excelllence to please punish the culprit and bring the justice to the suffers .

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Ahmad Qisa'i said...

Will a Rang De Basanti be a reality in a new India?

Things just need to be put in order for India to become a better place for everyone.

Justice should prevail.

At 8:12 AM, Blogger shahnawab said...

Dear Mr. President,

I just want to know if we really need this type of Justice System where murderers/criminals inspite of crime, run away due to some currupt fellows.

We all need a sincere answer.

A citizen of (currupt) India.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger revolt2000 said...

Dear Mr. Prez,
India is doing great at the world scale, but would it be not just right to fix the wrong screws which are troubling our machinery to run smoothly. High time to do something concrete to punish the guilty in Jessica Lal murder case. We have seen enough of stupidity from the authorities already. There is no room for goof ups now. Kindly act fast and oblige the common man of this country as the ride is over now.


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